Why choose LGS hair clinic


A clinic’s reputation is arguably the most important factor. And we are proud to say we are arguably one of the highest rated scalp micropigmentation clinics in the UK.
We always make you feel at ease with outstanding customer service, quality before and after pictures or videos, free no obligation consultations, highly acclaimed testimonials, and we always maintain full transparency with you.

The second most important factor is the practitioner. As the demand for SMP increases so does the number of practitioners, but this can be a pitfall.
Luckily, our clinics are run by some of the most experienced practitioners in the business. If you are unsure, ask us for some before and after photos so that you can see our work.

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The pigments, needles and tools being used are also a key factor. It’s essential to use a specific pigment designed for SMP and that it is correctly matched with your colouring. Here in LGS Clinic we use Inkcali which is known worldwide for their amazing results.
Also we sit down with you to choose the right colour based on your existing hair. If you’re completely bald, we’ll help you select a colour that compliments your stubble colour, skin colour and eyebrows.
We also use single-use needles, so we never reuse a needle to maintain the highest standard of hygiene possible.


If you live far away from our London or Birmingham scalp micropigmentation clinics , Because there is no recovery time, you won’t have to stay away from home to rest up, which is fantastic, however, you will have to return for another two or three sessions.